SEAMAP South Atlantic Work Groups

SEAMAP South Atlantic has several work groups that improve the surveys and data utilization, and aid in the logistical challenges that come with operating 6 surveys across 3 states. The work groups solve specific questions related to operational or biological issues that could potentially impact our long-term survey data sets. The workgroups are called upon by the South Atlantic Committee as issues arise. Oftentimes, projects for the groups are decided during the SEAMAP South Atlantic portion of the Joint Annual Meeting. For more information on any of the groups, please contact Jainita Patel.

Data Management

The Data Management Work Group is responsible for establishing data standards for the publicly accessible SEAMAP-SA database. This is achieved through the development of standardized protocols and table/code structure management, while adhering to internationally accepted biological data management practices. In addition, the workgroup, in collaboration with the SEAMAP-SA Committee, provides recommendations to data managers for new data types to be included in the database and other opportunities for database refinement. The current chair is South Carolina Department of Natural Resource's Michelle Willis.

A boat with many papers on the side of it
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division.
Three men on a boat in the ocean.
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division.

Survey Operations

The SEAMAP-SA Survey Operations Work Group is an as-needed advisory workgroup that is responsible for aiding in the design and modification for existing and future SEAMAP-SA surveys. The objectives of this group are to aid in the design of future surveys to help fill data needs, troubleshoot existing surveys if or when they run into methodology issues, modify survey protocol as needed, aid in times of storms and outages and brainstorm analytical methods to account for survey disruptions. The chair of this work group is North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries' Claire Pelletier.

Habitat Characterization

The SEAMAP-SA Habitat Characterization Work Group was formed to advise surveys on data needs for habitat characterization and habitat associations for surveyed species to utilize in survey design or data analysis. The group's objectives are to provide advice on habitat needs and how to assess habitat needs and environmental variables for surveys and aid in the definition of strata. The chair of this work group is the South Atlantic Marine Fisheries Council's Kathleen Howington.

A large fish swimming in the ocean.
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division.
A large shrimp is shown next to a ruler.
White shrimp (or green tail) being measured during the Pamlico Sound Survey. Cara Kowalchyk, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.


The SEAMAP-SA Crustacean Workgroup is an as-needed group that is called upon when there are questions about crustaceans that are encountered on SEAMAP-SA surveys including blue crabs and pink, brown, or white shrimp.